March 24, 2014



We can provide analysis of system security requirements covering the entire Eco system, working closely with all stake holders including end customers and conditional access providers to arrive at the best possible security architecture.
Our services include:
  • Development of detailed architectural specifications for the target SoC and software platforms.
  • Security IP specification and support of design teams.
  • Working with Third Parties to specify and support the integration of their security IPs into the target SoC.
Technical domains of expertise:
  • Secure boot management and chain of trust.
  • Cryptographic systems and algorithms.
  • Hardware intrusion protection, typically around debug and test ports.
  • Hardening against physical reverse engineering, side channel analysis and fault injection attacks.
  • Symmetric key provisioning and management: e.g. for smart card link protection and content protection.
  • External memory protection.
  • Application isolation and protection and asset management for:
    • DRM and watermarking implementations.
    • Card less solutions.
    • Securing the media pipeline.
  • Securing open platforms such as Android, providing isolation through hardening of the Linux kernel and hypervisor technology.


We can perform detailed chip set evaluation versus target requirements for compliance approval.
For products that require a third party lab evaluation we can offer the following services:
  • Provide an interface with third party evaluation labs for SoC certification.
  • Provide detailed specifications for SoC hardening, in order to attain certification.
  • Analyze findings and negotiate end ratings.
  • Define countermeasures and improvements to feed into the next generation of products.


Leveraging on our extensive experience we bring added value to our customers, helping them to:
  • Understand the SoC development process.
  • Establish best security practices.
  • Define effective strategies to meet challenging and changing security requirements.
  • Assess the security impact of new features and architectural changes.


With a solid background in hardware design we can work closely with designers and if needed provide design services.