March 24, 2014

Our Team


IMG_4181_12Paul Elliott

Paul has 27 years of experience working in the semiconductor industry on both defense and consumer electronic projects. In his previous role at ST Microelectronics Paul began as a silicon designer working on the first fully integrated MPEG2 STB decoder in the industry before moving into a SOC architecture role where he defined several highly successful devices that have shipped globally in huge volumes. Paul then went on to become the technical lead for the STB architecture team before specializing in the security architecture domain.

As the technical lead and manager of the security architecture team in the Home Entertainment and Unified Platform divisions of ST Microelectronics Paul was responsible for defining the security road map and product architecture of several generations of STB devices. These devices implement the many and pervasive security functionalities that are required in order to secure premium Pay-TV content delivery systems such as boot authentication, smart card link protection and intrusion protection as well as many other advanced features.
Paul has worked closely with the end customers and conditional access partners to discuss, define and agree specifications and to ensure product compliance and has successfully gained full certification in these markets.
Paul enjoys working on the complex systems that are built on top of todays highly integrated deep sub micron devices and the challenge of securing them in the face of increasingly sophisticated attacks particularly as consumer devices continue to grow in complexity and become more connected.


Andrew LindsayAndrew Lindsay

Andrew has spent his career working on Pay-TV systems for complicated System-on-Chips. Initially he designed and verified Descrambling engines for Transport Stream processing. Next he pioneered the use of SystemC for Transaction Level Modelling of all the security IPs on the SoC, giving him a full view of the system level interactions. This system level knowledge led him to a role as a Security Architect where he led the technical interactions with many of the Conditional Access vendors to ensure certification was achieved through Hardware and System-Level specifications.

Andrew enjoys digging into the details of an implementation and working with teams to create optimised and robust solutions within the restrictions of complex devices and demanding security requirements.